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Thanks to a generous grant from US Steel Foundation, and in partnership with NACE International, the NACE Foundation is hosting a NACE Basic Corrosion Course in the Pittsburgh area, FREE OF CHARGE, to veterans who are permanent residents of Pennsylvania.

WHAT: NACE Basic Corrosion Course
WHEN: August 8-12, 2011

Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard
945 Washington Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


There is a need today and in the future for trained corrosion professionals, ranging from technicians and inspectors to senior engineers. In addition, a 2007 industry study showed that about 44% of the current professionals in the corrosion workforce will retire in the next three to seven years, creating opportunities for both entry and advancement in the field.
The Basic Corrosion Course focuses on corrosion and the potential problems caused by corrosion. It provides a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which it can be identified, monitored, and controlled. Active participation is encouraged through hands-on experiments and case studies, as well as an open discussion format.
No previous training in corrosion control is required. This course is open to candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and is offered at no cost to the participants. Participants who complete the course will be eligible for reimbursement of mileage and a per diem meal allowance. This is a commuter course and participants will be required to drive to and from class daily. Participants who live more than 70 miles (one way) from the training facility will be provided with accommodations for the week.
As part of the Workforce Development Program, the NACE Foundation will attempt to pair every participating candidate with a mentor who works in the corrosion industry. The mentor serves to assist the candidate with counseling on career choices and networking opportunities. Upon successful completion of the Basic Corrosion Course, candidates have the option to continue on in the program and enroll in a NACE Level 1, Cathodic Protection (CP) or Coatings Inspector Program (CIP) certification course.

  • High school diploma, GED or equivalent preferable.
  • A permanent residence in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Proof of honorable discharge from branch of service; active duty personnel are not eligible to apply.
  • Eligible candidates must currently be unemployed or employed in an unrelated field.
  • All candidates are required to submit a completed application, including all requested attachments, prior to being considered for the program.
  • Completed applications received by the NACE Foundation will be forwarded to a Selection Committee for review.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing by the NACE Foundation upon acceptance into the program.


If you are a veteran in Pennsylvania who is interested in participating in the program, please fill out and return the Candidate Application:
Candidate Application - (Word)       Candidate Application - (PDF)

If you are a NACE member in Pennsylvania who is interested in mentoring a veteran, please review the Mentor Guidelines and then fill out and return the Mentor Application:
Mentor Guidelines (pdf)       Mentor Application (Word)       Mentor Application (pdf)

Please return all completed applications to the NACE Foundation by fax: 281/228-6305, e-mail: or mail:
NACE International Foundation
Workforce Development Program
1440 South Creek Drive
Houston, TX 77084
For questions, please contact Heather Lowry at 281/228-6205.

The NACE Foundation realizes that there are many agencies that assist the military on a temporary basis when they leave the service, but a plan needs to be in place that will help them sustain themselves after receiving the temporary assistance. A recession proof career in corrosion is one dynamic way in which to sustain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. 



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